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About Us

Customized Education Solutions is an opportunity to develop educational solutions to fit the needs for the following audiences:

  • Organizations in Industry, Academic and Government in the IEEE fields of interest
  • Individuals such as Technical Professionals, Teachers, and Students

Our solutions include, but are not limited to:

  • eLearning
  • MLearning
  • Marketing
  • MOOC’s
  • Live Training
  • Virtual Webinars
  • Paid Courses
  • IEEE Certificates
  • Partnerships

Recent Posts

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    Beckwith Electric

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    Sumatron, Inc.

    Sumatron has partnered with IEEE on continuing educational credit since June, 2006.  The company was founded by its principal engineer, …Read More »
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    Strategic Media Asia Ltd

    Strategic Media Asia Ltd (SMA) is one of the Approved CPD Course Providers of the Chartered Institution of Building Services …Read More »
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    ITEM Media

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    Dale Carnegie Digital

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    EnginZone, is located in Lima, Peru and is an organization dedicated to fulfill the training needs of engineers and technical professionals …Read More »
  • Power Monitors, Inc.

    Power Monitors, Inc.

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